Naval Academy Health Clinic

Annapolis, Maryland



The Clark | Azar & Associates team provided site design services for a new $43.5 million dollar Health Clinic at the U.S. Naval Academy. The 101,589-SF clinic services the US Naval Academy and Naval Station in Annapolis and Tenant Commands at the former enlisted men’s club location.

Working with a multi-discipline team from across the country, including Florida and Alabama, provided a unique set of challenges on this federal project. 


Environmental Site Design

CAA was responsible for the Stormwater Management and Sediment Control design and permitting through MDE. CAA was also provided guidance to the out-of-state firms on Maryland requirements and were the local representative for the project.

The stormwater management design included 8 bioretention areas, an infiltration trench and an area of pervious pavers. Extensive analysis for the outfall points of the three sub-basins within the project was also required.


LEED Silver

The new facility received LEED silver certification and features a new solar thermal system with the capacity to provide 50% of the domestic hot water for the clinic. A goal of the project was to blend state-of-the-art medical facilities and technologies with environmentally sustainable design elements.

(Photo credit: Meredith Newman/Capital Gazette)

Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Washington, DC


Parking Garage

Since 2008, the CAA team has provided various services for upgrades to the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Washington, DC.

Photo 1 above (credit: Costello Construction) shows a new stand-alone, 123,000 square foot, three-story parking garage which includes access control gates, security surveillance with cameras on every level, sprinklers, fire alarm, emergency telephones on every level, and receptacles for emergency gear. Our staff provided a traffic analysis, utilities, sidewalk, landscaping, lighting, erosion and sediment control including permitting through the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, stormwater management, and construction administration. Water and sewer connection plans were in accordance with DCWASA.


Fisher House & Domiciliary Building

The design of utility upgrades for Fisher House included a 6-inch sanitary sewer connection, a 2-inch domestic water line, and a 4-inch fire line. Due to the layout of the building and the lack of a mechanical room large enough, the backflow preventers were placed outside the building. A vault houses the backflow preventers on both the domestic service and the fire services. The backflow assemblies were selected from the DCWASA list of approved backflow devices.

The design of utility upgrades for the Domiciliary Building including an 8-inch sanitary connection, a 4-inch domestic water line, and an 8-inch fire line. The building has an internal backflow preventer for both domestic and fire service. 


The design of electric and communications upgrades to support both buildings.

The design of stormwater management and sediment control for both buildings including underground storage by pre-manufactured BMPs.

DC DCRA permits for the demolition of an existing parking lot, for sediment and erosion control, for the construction of a surface sand filter, and for the installation and relocation of utilities including storm sewer, sanitary sewer, electric, water and communications.

Construction inspection services for the utilities. 

(Photo 2 credit: Fisher House Foundation)

US Government Value Engineering

Projects Worldwide



CAA staff have been involved in value engineering since 1994. Experience includes managing VE contracts, assembling technical teams, co-facilitating studies and preparing technical reports. Our VE staff member have been on the Board of Directors of SAVE International’s National Capital Chapter since 2002 having served as President and Director and receiving the President’s Rising Star Award from the National Capital Chapter.



- US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)             Baltimore District
- USACE Fort Worth District
- USACE Louisville District
- USACE Middle East District
- USACE Vicksburg District
- US Department of State, Overseas    Buildings Operations
- General Services Administration
- Naval Facilities Engineering Command
- Smithsonian Institution 


How Can We Help

CAA staff members can provide civil engineering team members and technical recorders on VE studies. As an economically disadvantaged woman-owned small business, we can help federal government agencies and teaming partners achieve their small business goals.


work in progress


oncology/cancer center

New oncology center; Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Washington, DC


U.S. embassy upgrades

Risk assessment and value engineering studies for US Embassy compound upgrades; worldwide


military installations

Value engineering studies for military facilities for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: Baltimore District, Omaha District & Louisville District